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Welcome! We are confident that you know the National Shooting Centre project in the Czech Republic. Plots of land on a motorway exit, building permits, design documents, partners for partial financing as well as turnkey contractors including the best shooting target technology from Action Target. Our registered association has already attained it all. We even managed to get all of it during the period of lockdowns. But we now need your help. We haven’t been spared the consequences of measures against Covid, either.

Closed businesses of some of our supporters, rising prices for building materials, rising interest rates of the Czech National Bank, which will be reflected in the loan, the war in Ukraine. Every day we look for ways of how to deal with it and speed up the implementation. Upon frequent request, we now also open an opportunity for the broad shooting public and companies to get involved. Something like for the National Theatre. The National Shooting Centre is exceptional and will serve everyone, even without external influences and public subsidies. We believe that you’ll help us with that.

Support the establishment of the National Shooting Centre with a financial gift today and become part of the birth of a globally unique project

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Our public commitment

Commemorative plaque

Your donation is a respectable step in itself. If you so wish for any reason, such a step can solely remain confidential between us. But we would prefer if you would grant us your consent to making your name and surname or business name public. It would be an honour for us to put them on a commemorative plaque next to the National Shooting Centre entrance alongside the names and business names of the other donors. As an expression of thanks and an example of solidarity not only among shooters.

Time capsule

Installing the commemorative plaque will include a time capsule buried in the ground in the presence of a notary. Through it we’ll make information on the foundation of the National Shooting Centre in the Czech Republic available to the next generation. If you give us your consent, we’ll also put a copy of your gift agreement into the time capsule along with other documents and artefacts. The time capsule will be dug up in 50 years after the opening of the centre.

Future benefits

Each gift agreement has a unique number. During the construction of the National Shooting Centre we’ll prepare a system of benefits and loyalty programmes for donors, supporters, partners, members of associations and shooting schools. We will make them public before opening the centre, and the agreement number will help us prepare an individualised advantageous offer directly for you. Give us a chance to pleasantly surprise you.

You’ll be kept up-to-date

Throughout the period of project implementation we’ll inform you about the progress of the project without disturbing you with an excessive number of messages. You’ll learn about the laying of the foundation stone, the time schedule as well as the organisation of tours for the public during the construction and finishing works. You’ll be able to enjoy tours of the technological facilities and places that will no longer be accessible after the centre is commissioned. You’ll simply be kept up-to-date.

Every gift counts and helps regardless of its amount

Just four steps to completion

Will you present your gift as a citizen, self-employed or legal person? Choose which agreement form you will use on the website below. Fill in the required data and click on SUBMIT.

You will receive a confirmation e‑mail by return. Once you click the link in the e-mail to verify that it is really you, you will receive a Gift Agreement in PDF in a second e‑mail. Everything within a few minutes.

Send the financial gift based on the details provided in the agreement. We will send you proof of the gift within 15 days of receiving your payment.

You have helped a unique project. Thank you all. Now it’s our turn. The National Shooting Centre will be set up in the Czech Republic also thanks to you. Thanks to you, it will be even better.

We believe that you’re looking forward to the first excavations, opening and first visit just as we are. A certificate of appreciation waits for everyone regardless of the amount of their gift. Perhaps it will be a reminder of your participation for your children and grandchildren in time as well.

Our present supporters have received commemorative badges as an expression of our thanks. The thousand of you who donate the greatest amount can now also look forward to them. We’ll draw one hundred more donors. Go for it! Commemorative badges are a great keepsake.

Have you decided to support the project? Thank you!

Please fill in the form to generate a gift agreement

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I agree / do not agree to my name and surname or business name being placed on the commemorative plaque of the National Shooting Centre

I agree / do not agree to a copy of the Gift Agreement being placed in a time capsule that will become part of the commemorative plaque installation of the National Shooting Centre


All provided information will be processed in accordance with applicable personal data protection laws and will not be disclosed to other persons.

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Sharing helps. Share to give a chance to other people and companies

When you know you are doing the right thing and you can connect the right people, you have won. Let your family, friends, employees or business partners know of your support for the National Shooting Centre. Do you have access to the media or a great group on social networking sites? Also give people around you the opportunity to join us. Do you have an idea for pro bono promotion of this opportunity so that it reaches as many people and companies in the Czech Republic as possible? Write to us or call. Thank you!

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And a few words in conclusion

“I have long held a dream about a memorial wall at the National Shooting Centre full of names. None is too small or big. All of them are equal regardless of the amount that people have contributed to the National Shooting Centre.

A dream of a wall full of names of people and companies and a story full of courage, freedom, responsibility, honour, trust, mutual respect and esteem. A story of the hope and personal involvement of each of us in the security of us all. A story of role models for our children and grandchildren.

Some smile and say that it’s foolish at the present time. But I do believe that the dream that may at first sight be crazy will come true. Perhaps also thanks to you at this very moment.”

František Matějka

Association Chairman
National Shooting Centre Director

Investor and operator:
Národní střelecké centrum
zapsaný spolek

Hartigovský palác
Thunovská 183/18
118 00 Prague 1 – Malá Strana
Czech Republic

Registration No.: 05215641
Data box ID: gk9ymbp

Banking details Fio banka, a.s.
Account No. 2501751119/2010
IBAN: CZ23 2010 0000 0025 0175 1119

Contact details:
Ing. Libor Jirásek, Association Director
Telephone: +420 604 102 921

Národní střelecké centrum, z.s.
National Shooting Centre
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