Jorge Ballesteros - mistr světa, mistr Evropy, šampion Španělska, vítěz závodu Extreme Euro Open, vítěz Světových policejních her

Robert Černigoj - Prezident asociace sportovní a dynamické střelby IPSC ve Slovinsku, mistr Evropy, vicemistr Evropy v obranné střelbě IDPA, mistr Slovinska

Eduardo De Cobos - Policejní mistr světa, mistr Evropy, šampión Asie, mistr Španělska, viceprezident a hlavní trenér mezinárodní asociace instruktorů střelby - MiSiA, hlavní instruktor mezinárodní střelecké univerzity v Barceloně

Miroslav Zapletal - Vítěz světového poháru Asia Pacific Extrem Open, mistr světa, šampión Jihoafrické republiky, Německa, Kanady, Dánska, Afriky, Ruska, Nového Zélandu, mistr České republiky

Gastón Quindi Vallerga - mistr Argentiny, šampión Latinské Ameriky, vítěz závodu Panamerican Champion IPSC, mistr světa v obranné střelbě IDPA

Ljubiša Momčilovič - 17x mistr Srbska, násobný vicemistr Evropy, 4. místo Mistrovství světa 2017, šampión Austrálie a Asie 2016, vítěz Extreme Euro Open v letech 2017, 2018

Bartek Szczęsny - mistr Polska, Šampión mezinárodního závodu Polish trigun, Vítěz světového poháru Czech Extreme Euro Open, Polish Extreme Open, Asia Pacific Extreme Open

Celina Pawlik - vicemistryně Polska Polish Open a Rifle Polish Nationals Daniel Defence, vítězka světového poháru EurAsia Extreme Open a mezinárodního závodu Bathory Cup

National Shooting Centre in numbers

One basement and three above-ground storeys with barrier-free access

Indoor tunnel shooting ranges of various sizes and with different equipment

Shooting positions with both longitudinal and transversal carriers and mobile bullet traps

Minimum shooting distance from two metres

maximum shooting distance up to one hundred metres

Dynamic shooting up to 360°

Variable arena for training dynamic shooting and airsoft [m2]

Museum of Czech weapon design engineers

Built-up area [m2]

Floor space [m2]

Building volume [m3]

Minutes by car from Prague

Minutes by car from Dresden

Open all year round

Citizens within the driving distance of less than 1 hour

Infinite experiences in a friendly and safe environment under a single roof

Exclusive experiences right by the D8 highway exit near the town of Lovosice

Professional and really generous facility and services

Car and bus parking right by the building within the company premises

A hotel-style reception desk with pleasant receptionists and a possibility to sit down and have a cup of coffee

A wide range of short and long arms of any possible calibre and power to borrow

Individual rental of the individual shooting sections

Separate facility for external shooting instructors and their clients

A separate warehouse with accessories for each shooting section

Light and sound effects including artificial rain for training under various conditions

Test shooting at individual or group ballistic protection and parts of vehicles and other materials

Extraordinary air-conditioning and ecological operation

Premises and equipment for individual ammunition reloading

Purchase and sale of arms and ammunition and auxiliary products and services

A separate arena with variable elements for establishing various situations for training the tactic and strategy, or for airsoft

Possible use of separate locker rooms and shower rooms

Several classrooms and shooting simulators

Indoor and outdoor refreshment in a top-quality buffet

Possible use of services without a need for ordering thanks to the centre capacity

A club for holding corporate, club or family events

Holding of school events aimed at developing the personal skills of protecting lives and health

Administrative facility offering services to customers

All of the four storeys have barrier-free access

Respect to space, people and nature

Social responsibility

Education and sport

We provide customised services to the civil holders of firearms licenses and new firearms license applicants, members of the security forces or institutes of the state and municipalities and guests from the Czech Republic or abroad. The activities performed in the premises will also include sporting and security events and education for both adults and children in cooperation with the police, soldiers, firemen and rescue workers, or national and international shooting competitions.

Culture and tradition

The Czech Republic is a beautiful place to live a life full of opportunities and experiences. The National Shooting Centre is designed as the only one of its kind in the world. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate a part of our shooting centre to the new National Museum of Czech Weapon Design Engineers.

Endowment fund

Under the auspices of the National Shooting Centre, we are preparing establishment of the endowment fund in cooperation with other partners, the purpose of which will be to support projects of violence prevention, help victims of violent crimes and support people who have faced situations of necessary defence and extreme emergency.

National Shooting Centre project management

When you know you are doing the right thing and you can connect the right people, you have won.

Ing. Libor Jirásek

Association Director

František Matějka

Association Chairman
National Shooting Centre Director

Project team and acknowledgements

Ing. arch. Luděk Stojan
Brno – architectural study and coordination of the project documentation for the building permit procedure
Doc. Ing. Jan Komenda, CSc.
Brno – ballistic design and cooperation on the museum of Czech weapon design engineers
Jan Hrdlička
Lovosice – engineering and preparation of the building permit procedure documentation
We appreciate the intensive support and help we receive from a number of individuals, organisations and institutes in connection with implementation of our project. Further, we would also like to express our thanks to the town of Lovosice, which received us with open arms and rightly perceive the National Shooting Centre as a new partner for development of the town and the entire region. Thank you all.

year of ground breaking

Take the unique occasion and make your dream come true


Share your suggestions and ideas for expanding the offer of our future services with us. What would you welcome for your further development and have not found elsewhere? What are your shooting dreams and wishes?

You can help improve the National Shooting Centre and intensify your and your friends’ future experiences.

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